Tissot Painting
James Tissot (French, 1836-1902). He Went on His Way to Ephraim, 1886-1894. Oil on board. Brooklyn Museum.

Fugue-Icons Calendar-Month Movement 09 Helping a Friend, Threatening the Status Quo
  Jesus' friend Lazarus is sick. His sisters appeal for help. The disciples remember the hostile crowds of Jerusalem just over the hill from Bethany. Resolute, Jesus returns and helps his friend. Then he and his twelve closest followers retreat to the wilderness valleys north of Jerusalem where they remain out of sight until the time for the Spring Feast of Passover.
February Adar
Sun. 18 04 Thirteen isolated men recall the crowds, Ephraim Wilderness. sign-in
Mon. 19 05 Rain Falls. Will hinder travel if authorities still searching, Ephraim Wilderness.  
Tue. 20 06 Rain Continues. Jesus wants peace, Ephraim Wilderness.  
Wed. 21 07 Sunshine. Jesus reviews conflict & withdrawal in Galilee and Judea, Ephraim Wilderness.  
Thu. 22 08 To disciples, Jesus explains purpose of healings, Ephraim Wilderness.  
Fri. 23 09 More teaching: Healing is not believing, Ephraim Wilderness.
Sat. 24 10 Sabbath. Reading on succession planning (Moses and Joshua), Ephraim Wilderness.