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Jesus today

Families bring infirm. Jesus heals them. Resumes teaching. Region of Tyre.

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What is this?

Watch a 60 second video introducing the text-message experience of Jesus' year.

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Story at-a-glance

Browse titles and maps and see Jesus' travel circuit during the ten periods of his last year.

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With your support we can cover coding and texting costs and offer free subscriptions.

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Jesus' experience blog

Gain insight into Jesus' daily life and culture in first-century Palestine.

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The mission. Connect with Jesus' experience.

Our mission is to connect people with Jesus' experience to enhance their relationship with Him, and in doing so affirm and strengthen experiences which build healthy relationships among all people of the world.

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Telling the story and listening to those who went before us.

Dan in Galilee by a memorial for Catholic archeologist Bargil Pixner, who told Jesus' story in his day.

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Follower feedback. Join us.

Our family was glued to the phone when the texts came in. This prompted discussion and wondering what would be next. -- Bev from Indiana

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