SpendaYearwithJesus Overview and Sample

Watch the 1-minute sketch-video below to get an overview of the year. (It's a sketch, and we are fund-raising for professional level video and app creation. Would you like to help?)

Flower in Galilee Jesus Today:
Families bring infirm. Jesus heals them. Resumes teaching. Region of Tyre.
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Sample Day:

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Fugue-Icons Mobile-Phone 9:00 am (subscribers' individual time zone)
The disciple-teams begin their final teaching circuit. The twelve thank God that without bread or overcoat all their needs were met. Mk 6.30
Fugue-Icons Mobile-Phone 12:00 pm
Sunshine. Jesus greets Peter and John on the hillside. Excitedly, they tell of ready listeners and elated sick people made well. Mk 6.30
Fugue-Icons Mobile-Phone 3:00 pm
The disciples are all back for the evening meal at Peter's house. They see people from all over Galilee gathering around Capernaum.